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So They Say ...

These comments are unsolicited and are from emails I've received or from posts to my public Facebook page:


“We are very lucky to have you for our Reeve. We know you work hard for us and it doesn't go unnoticed.”

 - Dave and Tamy Shearer


“I’m sure many, many people are happy to have you taking the lead in Haliburton’s political arena. I know I would be if I still lived there. You’re honest, decent, smart, and trustworthy, and you’re always able to see the subtleties in the big – usually complex, picture. I think you also take care of people’s feelings, even (or especially) when you’re disagreeing with them.”

– Susan Wilson

“Thank you, Carol, for your ongoing updates. For many of us, you are THE window to the (flood) situation. You're providing more updates and images than any news agency I've been able to locate, and we're hanging on your every post.”
- Scott Hollows


“Carol, you are such an inspiring politician. You stay connected with the people through various sources and you always have positive things to say. Keep spreading that positive and productive energy, girl! Calm, grounded leadership can only be contagious.”

- Daniela Pagliaro


“I'm proud to live in a county with a political leader of your caliber! Keep up the good work!”

– Michael Fay


Reeve Carol you are single handedly giving politicians a great name … proud to call you OURS!”

 - Lori Parniak


“Thank you Carol. You did an amazing job as Warden and it was not an easy year. Algonquin Highlands taxpayers are lucky to have you as their Reeve.”

- Diane Peacock


“Thanks for the update. This (airport) project has certainly taken a turn for the better under your direction. We've posted your note on our website.”

- Jim Kaufman, Kawagama Lake Association president


“Your approachable and straightforward nature, partnered with your magnificent sense of humour is a welcome addition to our County.  I hope that in reflection you can see all the differences that you made (and will continue to make) and how lucky we are to have someone like you representing our communities.”

- Nancy Brownsberger


“In thanking Carol, Bob Phillips said that we have the best Reeve in the county. She is legendary for having the ability to give a 30 minute humorous and informative speech in 17 minutes.”

- Fall 2012 Kushog Lake Newsletter


“I would like to pass on what I heard about the flood from several folks during my shift at the Peppermill last night, as well as from talking to people around Boshkung. 


A huge thank you goes out to Reeve and Warden Carol Moffatt for all of her efforts to keep us updated. Her ability to provide timely updates has given people a perspective on the greater picture and I’ve had several people pass on that they felt some comfort in knowing that there were things being done, and that there is real leadership at work.


With Carol's concise factual updates, and awesome ability to simplify even the most complex problems into a language everyone can understand, people are seeing where they are relative to a much larger disaster.


Thank you Carol.”

- Julie Chadwick


 “Congratulations on becoming the new Warden of Haliburton County! You are hardworking and don't shy away from daunting tasks. The residents of the County are fortunate to have you in this position.”

– Gay Bell


“Three cheers to you and Council for all your work to develop a major change in direction and excellent option for realistic development of the Stanhope Airport. Your leadership and communication with the public about this process have been particularly outstanding!”

- Judy Clapp

“Carol, you have my utmost respect on your outstanding leadership abilities. I know many others who share my gratitude. Thank you!”
– Jacqueline Ziorgen


“Just heard your interview (on Canoe FM) and am so relieved that you are there for all of us. You don’t know how much Don and I appreciate your wisdom and eagerness to help our community.”

– Jessie Pflug


"Totally impressed that somebody in office actually reaches out to her residents."

- John Enright 


“Carol, that it is so nice to have you on Facebook keeping us up to date with the local comings and goings. Thanks for a great job.” -  Suzanne Bennett


Thank you for your quick reply. It is apparent that the residents of the Township of Algonquin Highlands

are in good hands.

- John Ricketts


As ever, it is a pleasure to have you as our keep us so well informed of the issues!

- Janet Small


You are always right out in front leading the way, like a great leader should. Thank you for that leadership.

- Sandra Dupret

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